Data Recovery Services From Deleted Files And Data

Cases when there is a loss of important information in our practice are not rare. There are many reasons why this could happen – from a banal blackout or a hard drive crash, to the harmful effects of virus programs. If the hard drive on which the files and Data Recovery Services were deleted is in working condition, then you can try to restore them without contacting a computer wizard  using special software. We have selected 3 free (or shareware) data recovery programs .

Recuva is currently one of the most popular file recovery software. With this program, you can recover Data Recovery Services from devices such as:

  • HDD
  • Memory card
  • USB flash drive

Unfortunately, Recuva is not a good file recovery program. It will only be possible to restore with its help if the device (flash drive or hard drive) was purchased recently and was hardly used.

Data Recovery Services

R-Studio is my personal favorite for data and file recovery . Does its job perfectly. With its help, you can recover data from devices and partitions such as:

  • Hard Drives, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives, CDs, DVDs
  • RAID arrays
  • Damaged HDD and SSD drives
  • Hard drive partitions after formatting
  • Partition Recovery for Windows, Linux and Mac OS
  • Create a bootable USB flash drive

Summarizing the above features R-Studio is a professional tool for data recovery on various devices (including laptop maintenance and repair ) with a convenient and intuitive interface. Its main disadvantage may for many is the fact that it is paid. But if you search, you can find a trial version.

In addition to the above three programs for recovering deleted files, there are about a dozen others, but, in our opinion, they are inferior in quality and quantity of tasks performed. If you need help with data recovery or computer maintenance, the VOLT-PC service center masters will be happy to help. 

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