Data Recovery Services From Non-Working Hard Drives

The first thought was “it’s okay, because the disk was in the off state and flew only a meter, no more But the optimism ended as soon as this Data Recovery Services flying video information storage was connected to the computer. The ringing and insistent clicks inside the device turned my optimism into a state of mild shock, and the continued blows were not the sounds of the life of a beating heart, but as if they were saying: “I … the end, I am the end.” It really was the end!

After a couple of hours, another bout of optimism advised me to take the dead device to the technical center of a nearby computer store. But the smile on my face and a detailed description of what happened did not help – the store manager said: “Throw it out, don’t look where it falls and generally pretend that it wasn’t there … in short, forget about it.” The technical doctor gave me some hope – he took the disk for diagnostics. The diagnostic process did not last long and the diagnosis was confirmed. Distressed, he went home… Along the way, the thought arose that my “dead” disk, although it does not stink, is still somehow uncomfortable around it.

That’s all! The results of many years of filming at one point became unavailable. The disk was placed in a safe not in the most honorable place and lay there for a couple of weeks next to another disk, which five years ago was also quickly and unceremoniously moved from the Linkedin table to the floor (((It had a photo archive of my friend, which was carefully collected over several years during sightseeing trips and walks around Anapa.

Data Recovery Services

I recalled a blog on Anapa-Info, in which some organization without contact information offered to restore disks. But the admins considered that blog an advertisement and ruthlessly deleted But the world, as they say, is not without smart people, and on a recent Saturday morning, I was advised by one Anapa store that takes hard drives and flash drives for restoration. I told a colleague about this store, to which he said: “I have a friend who has special equipment on which the deadest disk can be restored” and gave his phone number. I called and it turned out that from two people I went to one specialist who is engaged in the restoration of disks.

I went to the store and told about my problem. The receiver said honestly: we do not guarantee recovery, but we will try to do everything we can. There is HOPE! Paid some money, which was an advance for diagnostics and an attempt to recover data from the disk. I was already ready to pay any money, if only there was at least some chance of restoring the video archive, albeit not in full.

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