How To Data Recovery In Tampa From Damaged Media

Data Recovery In Tampa is not only about bringing a crashed hard drive back to life. In a broad sense, data can be presented on any medium, and perish in all possible ways.

Data Recovery In Tampa is a whole science. It does not yet have a name, but, perhaps, it can be called computer archeology, the subject of interest of which is the restoration of any damaged or erased information by digital methods.

So, computer archaeologists can recover family photos from a damaged smartphone or data from a hard drive destroyed by a criminal in an attempt to get rid of evidence, as well as help recreate the details of a mechanism destroyed several millennia ago.

Data Recovery In Tampa

The disc was badly damaged: not only the metal and plastic elements melted, but also the cover protecting it from dirt and dust. However, the aluminum plates, where, in fact, the information is stored, did not collapse. 

They were cleaned with a chemical solution and then placed on another hard drive – an exact copy of the damaged model. In just two days , 99% of the Twitter data was recovered .Chemical reagents are very helpful when dealing with damaged media. Before trying to recover something, you need to get as close as possible to the source of information. 

Reagents are also used to recover physically erased information, for example when it comes to working with serial numbers. Chemical etching is the most common and successful method of restoring serial numbers to a metal surface.